Abbots Langley Gardening Society

May 2011


“Wow!” and “Goodness me!!” What a great number of people came to hear about the Culinary & Medicinal use of herbs by Jill Wright and we could not believe how much of interest we were going to hear. Jill brought along cuttings of lots of herbs and plants that we have all heard of even if you are not a gardener, such as rosemary, lavender and thyme, you probably already have them in your own garden, and she told us what they would be used for. The room smelled delicious as each herb was passed around for us all to smell.

Where shall I start?

Mint - everyone knows mint. This can be used for travel sickness or feeling sickly after a meal and can be used with gin or Pimms. It is commonly known that a peppermint after a meal can help stop indigestion.

Lemon balm – Can help combat stress, nausea and wind. In cooking it can also be used instead of lemon grass, which can be a bit difficult to source sometimes and can be expensive too.

Marjoram – Very refreshing, a pick you up tea to help keep you alert. Especially for older people, use the essence to rub on your wrist to stay awake.

Cotton lavender – to refresh linen.

Lovage – Used in the bath to kill fleas in the Barnardo’s homes.

And rosemary, lavender and thyme? As if I would forget to tell you:-

Rosemary – makes a good circulatory tonic winter drink with honey and lemon to help keep fingers warm.

Lavender – Makes a soothing tea, can help stop itching skin and a good insect repellent – mixed with Southernwood makes a good mixture for anti month bags.

Thyme – is a favourite for herbal cough remedy. It is such a good antibacterial that surgeons used to use it to sterilise their operating areas and I bet some of you remember Glycerine and thymol from your youth.


The list went on and on and I for one have already bought the accompaniment to mint!


Please bear in mind that these are only my notes and that you should consult a professional before you use any herb as mentioned here.


Next is our plant stall at the Carnival on Saturday 11th of June. If you have any plants that you need homes for then please bring them to our stall and we will do our best to find them loving homes. It’s great to see what unusual plants appear.




Pam Cotton J